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Social Media helps to Communicate in any Situation

One of the wonders of science in the 21st century is social media. It is a very popular platform of the present age. Through which people are able to exchange information or communicate with each other. It facilitates social understanding through a large group of people through a web-based technology network. The most widely used Internet network. But there are social media platforms as well as for local networks.

Social Media in Modern Life

It is rapidly evolving and becoming a very important part of everyday life for the advancement of technology. This amazing growth is due to the increasing use of smart phones like Android & iOS. This smart phone can be easily accessed from any social media platform from anywhere. These sites create user friendly relationships for easy access to the mobile version.

Social Media helps to Communicate in any Situation
All about Social Media

So we can say that it is a computer based technology through which information can be provided or exchanged. We often post informative posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other sites and apps, all of which included.

Advantage of Social Media

It is a great platform to connect with different people in the world and a popular means of communicating with your near and dear ones. Opportunity to express your opinion and get feedback from others. It helps reduce the loneliness of socially isolated senior citizens.

This allows for the rapid dissemination of public health and safety information in times of crisis. It provides academic research for a wide audience, allowing people access to previously inaccessible learning. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn help organizations and job seekers a lot in finding work.

Currently, educational activities are being carried out through social media so that students in remote areas can also get good quality education. You have the opportunity to promote your business by publishing advertisements and articles on it. It builds friendships across cultural, ethnic and national barriers.

The level of social communication through internet has increased many times over compared to the past. Social networking websites are considered to be the most advanced method of human communication. By using it, people are completely bridging the geographical distance in terms of human communication.

Computers, smart phones and iPhones are the means of social communication. Through this technology, any person can exchange information, opinions, pictures, videos etc. These are the lifeblood of social media. It helps to build online social networks. It has many sources and many recipients.

Disadvantage of Social Media

There are a lot of fake / fake users on social media who publish porn pictures and obscene comments. Revealing false information causes concern in a particular region. It is a kind of addiction; the young generation is suffering a great loss as a result of its negative use. Use through social media may result in the disclosure of your personal confidential information. If you use it excessively, at some point you will become addicted to it and you will start spending more time on media than your parents and friends.

Criminals use this to spread all kinds of fake news to commit crimes. Excessive use of it can lead to great damage to your personality and brain disorders, especially youth. If you can’t learn something using it then this is a reason to waste your precious time. Using this, it can increase your frustration. Nowadays, most of the time, immoral / antisocial content goes viral through social media.



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