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Top 10 Music Streaming Apps Ranked by Popularity

In this smartphone and internet era, the way of listening to music has changed pretty much. These days, music streaming services are getting really popular. You can enjoy and get access to millions of songs all around the world. As there are a lot of music streaming apps, it can be confusing to choose the right app for you. So the best top 10 music streaming apps are discussed below-



Spotify is overall the best music streaming service. Spotify provides you a vast collection of music and podcasts from all over the world. When we think of music streaming, Spotify is our top favourite. It’s easy for you to build your own playlist and sync them for offline listening. It offers arguably the best device compatibility. In the free version, you can’t avail of some features but always can enjoy songs without paying money. And Spotify is available in most of the regions around the world.

Apple Music

Apple Music is for you if you are an iPhone user. It is even second close to spotify. You can follow artists and enjoy more than 30 million songs along with playlists. You can also upload your own music. It comes with a variety of monthly plans suitable for you. Apple Music will help you to find music based on what you play.


Deezer is a popular music streaming app with more than 56 million songs. It comes with one of the largest online music libraries. Deezer has a SongCatcher feature that will help you to identify songs playing around you. You’ll be able to enjoy this service with your connected devices.


TIDAL is an artist-owned platform. You can enjoy nearly 70 million audio tracks and 250,000 music videos of high quality. But you won’t be able to enjoy it free without subscription. TIDAL will provide you high fidelity sound, 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos support.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is cheaper for you if you are already an Amazom Prime Subscriber. And it will offer you an expanded catalog for $8 if you are Prime member and $10 if you don’t have Prime. Lyrics automatically pop up on the now playing screen.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music replaced Google Play Music on Android. YouTube Music is free for YouTube Premium subscription. Otherwise you’ll have to pay according to your plan. This service will offer you music based on taste, location, time or weather. It isn’t rich in features still compared to other apps but Google is speedily adding new features to the YouTube Music platform.


Pandora is a radio streaming service but has gained popularity also in the music streaming industry. This app will come with 60 days of free trial, then you can choose an individual plan, a family plan or a student plan. Pandora has its Music Genome Project which classifies individual songs by over 450 different musical traits.

TuneIn Radio

With the use of TuneIn Radio, you can enjoy music, podcasts, sports, live news, radio stations all in one. If you’re looking for all these in one platform, TuneIn Radio will be most suitable for you. It will offer exclusive music stations, 24/7 live news, also live sports coverage.


iHeartRadio also has music, podcasts, radio all in one place like the previous one. iHeartRadio will offer you a Top 100 Chart of Podcasts that refreshes every Monday. It offers millions of tracks and you can also download to enjoy them offline.


SoundCloud offers you to upload any sound onto the platform along with streaming your favorite music. So eventually it comes with more than 200 million tracks with diversity which makes SoundCloud the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform. You’ll enjoy such a diverse collection of music like nowhere else.

So, these 10 music streaming apps are most popular these days. If you want to stream some music you can avail of these apps according to your preferences.




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